vol 6 Fold Dead aftermath!

This was a great night, thanks to everyone for coming and enjoying the flash flood we had!! Check out the rest of the pictures over @ thexoxoxkids.com and facebook.

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Thank you KangHee.
Also there are more pictures herehere and here.

RPS/BYOGB aftermath

On May 15th, after two weeks of wheatpasting and a guerilla flea-market earlier in the day, a bunch of friends came together for a party under the Sogang bridge. Chad Burton (of xoxokids.com) had already put on shindigs down there, so the Kalmont Family thought he might like to join us. After an unusually long winter, pleasant weather had finally come to Seoul and a spring soiree in a concrete drainage basin by the Han River seemed like the perfect way to celebrate.
As far as street art goes, Seoul is still in the infant stages. On the other hand, the places that would be crowded with crackheads in the west are all perfectly barren, just calling for us to come and make a mess.
A bunch of people helped prepare for this. Besides art from Chin Chin, Tilman, Lenny, Jamie, Alysia, Rachel, Klara, Hugo, Steve, and myself, Kanghee took many of the photos you see. Chad brought the boombox and gathered the party supplies. Rachel, Jamie, and Lenny designed the flyers and made the mask. Tilman and E provided music through a megaphone lent by Platoon Kunstalle. And when the cops came, Kanghee and Soomi charmed them and convinced them we were harmless.
There were surprise performances, too. Inside the dark tunnel something came together with a violin, didgeridoo, candles, and those animal masks. And a dance troupe in ripped tights and black skirts, that, unbeknownst to me, had been practicing all week just to show up and dance for us.
There were no fights and, except for the art that’s still there, no debris was left behind. All that’s left is a good feeling about what can happen when we work with our friends.

Eric Davis 05/29/10

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transgender/transmitter prototype

The transgender transmitter N-01 is now testing, testing, testing – -  plus some shots of Jamie in mid drawing action and a goth hummingbird costume. brought to you by Ninano Schnider and Tetsuo Kogawa. Always remember to drink 막 걸리 while soldering.


Rock beats Scissors beats Paper beats Rock and METAL beats everything.

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rock scissors METAL!!!!

we’v teamed up with thexoxokids and have a new project coming up :)

Space Beam Update

Lenny, Eric, Alysia and I visited Space Beam over new years weekend.  We went to celebrate their recent  시각 (Seegak – Visual) publication, in which I wrote a piece about our Cadavre Exquis project (republished by the online art journal Come Into Land)

In addition to eating super delicous barbeque we heard some happy news that, due to protests and petitions, the government is changing their plan from building a highway through the area to instead a commuter tunnel under the it. Cutting through this old, historical area  with a huge highway would have been a shame.  Though the area will still likely go through big changes we feel really good about this news.

spicy root veggies, ginko biloba seeds, and meat

seegak winter publication

cadaver exquis post mortem

x-mas monsters


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Incheon Walking Project Update

INFO: http://incheonstories.blogspot.com/